[XeTeX] OSX 10.6.8, TERM environmental variable not set, cannot use XeLaTeX

Peter Rowat peter at pelican.ucsd.edu
Fri Dec 23 01:06:21 CET 2011

I recently upgraded to OSX 10.6.8, and TeXShop 2.29 is installed.

When I choose "XeLaTex" then "Typeset" I first got:

TERM environment variable not set.

Then, after I created a ".profile" containing
"export TERM=xterm-color",

I do not get the TERM environment variable message, 
but now get the message:

"xelatex: Command not found."

Can anyone suggest what to do?


-- Peter Rowat

PS. After upgrading to OSX 10.6.8 I began getting the 
"TERM environment variable not set." message when
I try to use scp from a remote computer to this Mac.
ssh works OK

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