[XeTeX] XeTeX does not define the \XeTeX macro.

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Wed Dec 21 13:10:55 CET 2011

Am Wed, 21 Dec 2011 11:24:28 +0000 schrieb Philip TAYLOR:

> Ulrike Fischer wrote:
>> xltxtra, hologo, metalogo
> Thank you, Heiko. 

My name is Ulrike.

> Unfortunately not a great leap forwards :
> \input xltxtra
> \input  hologo
> \input metalogo
> None found.

\input hologo.sty

Xltxtra is a latex package. I have no idea if metalogo can be used
with plain, but you can certainly copy their definitions.

> I think I need a standard disclaimer : All questions posed by this
> author, and most answers given, assume the Universe of Discourse
> to be Plain TeX (or Plain PdfTeX, or Plain XeTeX, or Plain
> <any>TeX).

I saw that you wanted to use plain. But you didn't ask how to get
the logo with plain but "Where is \XeTeX canonically defined". I
assumed as a plain user you would be able to look in the codes and
copy a suitable definition.

Ulrike Fischer 

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