[XeTeX] page numbering using fancychap with Glenn option and no footer

Daniel Greenhoe dgreenhoe at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 13:04:49 CET 2011

When using the fancychap package with the "Glenn" option and *no
footer*, there seems to be a minor problem:
When starting a new chapter, the package still attempts to put a page
number in the footer even though there is supposed to be no footer.

Besides the brute-force solution of placing "\thispagestyle{empty}"
with every chapter declaration (or an equivalent "\newchapter" macro
solution), is there any more "elegant" solution to the problem?
Shouldn't this be considered as a bug in the fancychap code?

Here is an example (see attachments also):

\fancyhf[HOR,HEL]{page \thepage}
\chapter{This Chapter}
\ldots first page \ldots
\clearpage \ldots second  page \ldots
\clearpage \ldots third   page \ldots
\clearpage \ldots forth   page \ldots
\clearpage \ldots fifth   page \ldots
\clearpage \ldots sixth   page \ldots
\clearpage \ldots seventh page \ldots
\clearpage \ldots eigth   page \ldots

Many thanks in advance,
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