[XeTeX] Superscript and Small Caps problem

Karljurgen Feuerherm kfeuerherm at wlu.ca
Thu Aug 18 17:05:22 CEST 2011


The minimal example below works as written. However, when I change the
main font to Linux Libertine, the 'lú' no longer superscripts, and if I
change the sans serif font to Linux Biolinum, the h-breve isn't small
capped (uppercase h-breve is in the font). OS X Lion and have updated to
MacTex 2011....

Can anyone tell me why this might be, and how to fix it?




\setmainfont [Ligatures={Common}]{Times New Roman}%Want Linux
\setsansfont[Scale=MatchLowercase]{Charis SIL}%Want Linux Biolinum
	Fisher is \dtm{lú}\smn{šu-ḫa}

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