[XeTeX] Text output garbled after system update -- your ideas?

Kārlis Repsons karlis.repsons at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 11:52:59 CEST 2011

On Thursday 14 April 2011 14:31:00 Joke de Buhr wrote:
> I've got the exact same problem but it's a bit worse here:
>  - I've got a system wide installed libertine font installed via apt
>  - A system wide libertine font within texlive 2009 installed via apt
>  - A texmf wide libertine font within a locally installed texlive 2010
>  - And a locally installed libertine font within ~/.fonts taken from their
> svn

> Unfortunately it's not possible to delete the system wide installed fonts
> and I don't want to mess with the locally installed texlive 2010 tree
> either because it might interfere with tlmgr.

I hope I don't cut off too much by answering that it seems, you'll have to:

1) keep the system-wide font and request it to be updated if it's not up to 
you, so you can't remove either;

2) find out if TL2009 libertine is linked in with fontconfig (perhaps check 
/etc/fonts for a link to texmf-var/fonts/conf/texlive-fontconfig.conf, if it's 
done the same way there) -- if it is, you have to specify exact font path, I 

3) likewise don't link that fontconfig.conf for the local TL with fontconfig;

4) remove the local libertine...

As you'll see, I too just consider how to build my fonts setup and have more 
to ask, but you can give that idea a try...

> I want XeTeX to choose the last one because it's the libertine font with
> highest "fontversion" tag available.

Well, but it appears that XeTeX is strictly requiring a font to be available 
just in one location... It sure would be nice to have some way to tune it's 
behavior when it comes to choosing between multiple versions, so that it would 
not take any messing with *TeX sources... But can it / will it ever?

Apart from that, I've read that you can give an exact location of the font you 
desire, so you could be using whichever you need... With that kind of a 
problem -- having to specify and making sources less portable!
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