[XeTeX] Two font data problems -- newbie question

Dan Drake dd at dandrake.com
Fri Apr 15 01:29:51 CEST 2011

Mike Scala --

"The quotation marks thing should be easy. Try specifying Mapping=tex- 
as an option when you choose the font, as in: \setmainfont[Mapping=tex- 
text]{Adobe Garamond Pro} "

Thanks, that did it!

However, I'm still looking for something more in the overfull hbox  
problem. Consider the following error message from XeLaTeX:
>  Overfull \hbox (0.792pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 552--569
> \EU1/AdobeGaramondPro(0)/m/n/12 was extremely rarely used before the  
> Ming dynas
> ty other than on black-painted Cizhou [1]

Yes, that \EU1 makes me suspicious, but I have zero idea of how the  
details of font specs work.

Here is the original paragraph of LaTeX input, *almost* exactly  
copied, mod some weirdities in copy-paste:
> No comparable turquoise-glazed bowl appears to be recorded, and the  
> turquoise glaze was extremely rarely used before the Ming dynasty  
> other than on black-painted Cizhou wares. Although the present piece  
> seems a highly successful example of a style otherwise surprisingly  
> unknown, the complicated production process employed for this piece  
> may well have proved too time-consuming and precarious for a  
> production line on a larger scale to be undertaken in this technique.


It seems rather incredible that this para couldn't be properly  
justified, given the amount of text and the line length for  
typesetting it (indicated by the break after "Cizhou").
But it gets worse: Leave out the "wares" -- everything between "Cizhou  
" and "Although" -- and it gives identical justification with the sam  
0.792pt overfulness!

Still pursuing other leads on this part of the weirdity.

Dan Drake
dd at dandrake.com

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