[XeTeX] Text output garbled after system update -- your ideas?

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Thu Apr 14 12:07:31 CEST 2011

Am Thu, 14 Apr 2011 09:47:32 +0000 schrieb Kārlis Repsons:

>> Add \XeTeXtracingfonts= 1 to your document (I don't know if your
>> xetex version already knows this command) 

>> and compile on the command line with
>> xelatex --output-driver="xdvipdfmx -vv" file
>> Then compare the pathes of the fonts used by xetex and xdvipdfmx in
>> the log and on the screen.
> OK:
> xelatex prints many lines of using "TeXLive/2009bin/texmf-
> dist/fonts/type1/public/libertine", but in log I find:
> Requested font "Linux Libertine" at 10.0pt
>  -> /opt/custom-builds/TeXLive/2009bin/texmf-
> dist/fonts/truetype/public/liberti
> ne/fxlr.ttf

> So a whole mix! Type1 mixed with TT/OT, which gets taken from two locations...
> Will have to delete the TT version of Libertine then... Type1 too?

It is already bad enough that e.g. two ttf-version of a font can
give trouble but it is really a nuisance that you can't tell xetex
which type of fonts it should use and that it mix type1 with

If you want to keep the ttf-font I fear you will have to deinstall
the type1 or you must always use the exact file name in the
\setmainfont command.

But you can also try to remove the ttf's and install the otf-version
instead. It must be called with \setmainfont{Linux Libertine O}
(remark the O at the end for otf) and this seems not to interfer
with the type1 version (which you perhaps need for pdflatex) 

Ulrike Fischer 

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