[XeTeX] XeTeX + Helvetica Condensed Light

André Bellaïche abellaic at math.jussieu.fr
Wed Apr 13 02:24:49 CEST 2011

Hi !

Does anybody understand why

\setromanfont[Mapping=tex-text]{Helvetica Narrow}

works while

\setromanfont[Mapping=tex-text]{Helvetica Condensed Light}

gives an error : 

** ERROR ** Invalid font: -1 (0)

Output file removed.
(see the transcript file for additional information)
Error 256 (driver return code) generating output;


The log file says:

LaTeX Font Info:    Try loading font information for OT1+HelveticaCondensedLigh
t(0) on input line 34.
LaTeX Font Info:    No file OT1HelveticaCondensedLight(0).fd. on input line 34.

LaTeX Font Info:    Font shape `OT1/HelveticaCondensedLight(0)/m/n' undefined
(Font)              using `OT1/cmr/m/n' instead on input line 34.

The Font book says I have both Helvetica Narrow and Helvetica Condensed Light on my Mac. 

I use TeXShop + pdftex. 

André Bellaïche

P.S. Helvetica Narrow doesn't work so well. If I type 'é', I get the accent in white on the top-left stroke of the 'e', so I must type \'{e}instead, which gives a rather big accent: when typing Tél. (for Téléphone), the accent rises higher than the capital T. 

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