[XeTeX] Two font data problems -- newbie question

Dan Drake dd at dandrake.com
Tue Apr 12 02:25:09 CEST 2011

Complete newcomer to XeTeX, having used another implementation (and  
non-default fonts) on a very different implementation since long ago.

Trying to convert a system for printing catalogue pages from a  
database, using Adobe Garamond output. XeTeX looks like just the thing  
I need on the Mac, but I'm clueless as to two strange things that  
happen when I try to get the text formatted right.

I have a .sty file almost unchanged from the older system. It begins,  
complete with fossil lines,

% Style for my catalogue pages in LaTeX.
  [2000/07/28 v1.1 Just for catalogue pages]

\setmainfont{Adobe Garamond Pro} %

This may be totally wrong, but I got the setmainfont line from  
somewhere [didn't mention that the project started a year ago and was  
suspended for a long time], and it seems to work. Almost.

Problem 1: I get a lot of "overfull hbox messages", some trivial and  
some way off. They don't seem to follow a pattern I can identify, but  
pop up at seeming haphazard but reproducible places in any job or any  

Problem 2: The standard character conversions don't seem to function.  
For example,

This in `quotes', I hope

renders as I entered it, not with translation to proper typographical  
quotation marks.

These things do not happen if I comment out the \setmainfont{} line.
They do happen if I specify Times New Roman instead of Garamond.

Running Mac OS 10.5.8
I reloaded the latest texlive release the other day; when I first saw  
the problem, it was on a 2009 release.

If you please, what dumb thing am I doing here?

Dan Drake
dd at dandrake.com

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