[XeTeX] Incorrect handling of name prefixes by biblatex (van, de)

Pierre Morel pier.morel at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 16:15:56 CET 2010


Here is another thesis-related question, but in a different mail, because the subject is completely different.

My thesis is French and English, and I use the biblatex package for the bibliography (with the apa style and the natbib option).
Everything goes as wanted, but for the names with prefixes (example : "van Opstal", "Pi Ku", etc...).
In French, the names are supposed to be in small capitals, however, the "van" and "pi" of the examples above are in lower case, while the rest of the name is in small capitals (with of course a "big" capital at the beginning) : I have for example (van OPSTAL, 1989), which is rather ugly.
I noticed that the prefixes are stored in a different field in the .bbl file and that I could prevent the problem by moving the prefix back in the name field, but this workaround is VERY tedious and not perfect.

So is there a way to have a proper handling of these composed names with my current settings ?



PS : last, when not used with the first name and initials, the "van" should be capitalized "Van", which is not the case (but this problem is of less importance)

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