[XeTeX] corrupted TeX file

John Was john.was at ntlworld.com
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Depending on what input system s/he was using, s/he may be able to revert to 
a timed back-up.  Though I don't much like Microsoft Word, I have to make 
some use of it since files for a couple of periodicals that I typeset tend 
to arrive in that format.  It certainly has that feature (and you can set 
the frequency of the backups).  Aside from that, when in Windows I have 
acquired the habit of typing ALT-F-S (I'm told I'll have to get used o 
CTRL-S) after practically every sentence that I type - that saves a copy of 
the file in most programs.  Whatever system your user is employing for text 
input will surely have something analogous to that.

Of course the habit was only acquired after a bad experience (lost to my 
memory by now), and if nothing else comes out of your user's predicament, 
perhaps the acquisition of good back-up habits may be one positive result.


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> Vafa Khalighi wrote:
>> I received this question from a user.
>> He was typing the tex file while suddenly power was cut off. When he
>> turned his computer on, he has got this corrupted tex file. Is there a
>> way to recover this tex file? The file is in UTF8.
> IMHO, extraordinarily unlikely : recent data is likely
> to be solely in RAM.  Very few programs (EDT was a notable
> exception) maintain a real-time journal file for
> recover in such circumstances.
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