[XeTeX] ft-ligature in TeX Gyre Pagella

Gerrit Glabbart g.glabbart at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 23 02:22:45 CEST 2010

Am 22.10.2010 um 20:40 schrieb Tobias Schoel:

> Is there an ft-ligature in TeX Gyre Pagella and I or xetex do something wrong, or isn't it?

As of version 2.004, no, there isn’t one. ff, fi, fl, ffi, ffl, yes, ft, no. The same appears to be true for the other TeX Gyre fonts as well.

The only font I’ve found (without looking too hard, I grant you) with an ft ligature (as well as fb, ffh, ffj, ffk, fh, fj, fk, ct, a whole bunch of long-s ligatures, Th, and a small caps ß) is Linux Libertine (1715 characters — that has to be some sort of record).

— Gerrit.

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