[XeTeX] Command \ aemph Already defined

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Fri Oct 22 01:18:59 CEST 2010


The syntax of my old files is corrupted apparently because of this error:

Command \ aemph Already defined.
Or name \ end ... illegal, see p.192 of The Manual.


\setmainfont{Lucida Grande} % or your favorite

\geometry{ hmargin=1.5cm, vmargin=1cm }


{\Huge 'a.hkAmu al-rrA' }

%{al-?ay? al-`?lim Na??r al-D?n al-??s?}
\textit{'a.hkAmu al-rrA'}\textrm{ ( Règles du Ra)}

Where can I find this command in order to correct it? How should reorder my

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