[XeTeX] Strange hyphenation with polyglossia in French

Roland Kuhn rk at rkuhn.info
Sun Oct 17 11:52:15 CEST 2010

On Oct 17, 2010, at 11:29 , Cyril Niklaus wrote:

>> On 17 oct. 2010, at 17:09, Roland Kuhn wrote:
>>> On Oct 16, 2010, at 15:21 , Cyril Niklaus wrote:
>>> In the meantime, the "solution" I used was to change fonts…
>> That basically disables hyphenation for this word, like would \/.
> I noticed that if I wrote l'in\-formation, it would then hyphenate at the suggested point and not after the apostrophe.
Basically, a “word” as seen by the hyphenation algorithm is a sequence of characters with non-zero \lccode, which are not immediately preceded or followed by “bad stuff” (e.g. characters with zero \lccode, \discretionary, explicit \kern, vertical mode material); this is the simplified version, see appendix H of the TeX Book for the exact details. This implies, BTW, that words which are joined by an explicit hyphen are not hyphenated because TeX inserts a \discretionary after each hyphen automatically.


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