[XeTeX] Localized XeLaTeX: was Greek XeLaTeX

Keith J. Schultz keithjschultz at web.de
Wed Oct 13 12:57:33 CEST 2010

Am 13.10.2010 um 01:27 schrieb Andrew Cunningham:

> maybe one way forward is to define the commands in Greek, but also
> develop a script to covert to/from Greek localised XeLaTeX and
> standard XeLaTeX?
	This is definitely is a way to go.

	Another question is is their a wide-spread interest in have such functionality.

	I Yes, then the question would be how easy would it be to modify Xe(La)TeX
	to be localizable.

	The way I look at it would be a matter of adding a intermediate layer into the
	parser/compiler  of the command look-up tables. The layer would have to handle 
	commands for switch languages loading conversion tables and doing the conversion before
	parsing. The advantage of this approach would be that most of the system could be left
	as it is. 


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