[XeTeX] Hoefler Text Ornaments

Elliott Roper elliott at yrl.co.uk
Wed Oct 13 05:27:49 CEST 2010

On 13 Oct 2010, at 03:41, GARCIN wrote:

>    Hello, 
> OK, I have  seen all the answers but: 
>  1. I don't find  in the  character  palette   the symbols of the Hoefler Text Ornaments
>  2; Nevertheless Hoefler Text Ornaments font appears in my  font book
> 3.  So I can not  get the code of such symbol.
> 4. So,    I  don't know what I have to write in my  source text  before typesetting to get  the wanted character.  I don't want use the includegraphics for making a copy of a picture in the typesetted document.

Hello Garcin (and Ross)
I had the same idea as you Ross, with perhaps an added niceness for finding where the ornament glyphs could be found
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Elliott Roper

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