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maybe one way forward is to define the commands in Greek, but also
develop a script to covert to/from Greek localised XeLaTeX and
standard XeLaTeX?

On 12 October 2010 22:22, Apostolos Syropoulos <asyropoulos at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>     As I have stated before, it  should be possible to internationalize the
> use
>>     of LaTeX  and Xe(La)TeX. We just need to develop a standardized way of
>>     defining these translations, similarly as is done in  GUIs.
>>     All we have to do is define the infrastructure for  translation of commands
>>     the engine can do the rest.  Technically, not that hard to do.
> There is project called XLogo (http://xlogo.tuxfamily.org/) that does exactly
> what Alexandros wants to do. The author has definied 10-12 different versions
> of the language LOGO each with the corresponding keywords translated in Greek,
> Italian, Spanish, etc. However, one needs to load the correct "locale" or else
> her
> program will not run. Now, if you want to have a trilingual version of Java, you
> need to write a parser that will have 3 times the keywords a normal parser has
> and this will make things unnecessarily complex. On the other hand, this has
> nothing to do with GUI applications and their localized messages. Depending on
> the locale (the application just checks the value of an environment variable),
> it
> loads a different set of messages, which sets the value of certain variables,
> and
> then displays the value of these variables.
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