[XeTeX] hyperref broken??

David J. Perry hospes.primus at verizon.net
Wed Oct 6 02:10:36 CEST 2010

Hi Will,

See the attached.  This is a version of a file that I had on my machine 
upstate (I kept the preamble, just removed the actual text).  This file 
would not compile last weekend, giving me the same errors that I encountered 
while working on my big book project.

It compiles on my machine in the city.  As best I can recall, I updated 
MiKTeX on this machine some last summer (July??).  When I compiled this 
file, MiKTeX identified a couple of missing packages and I let it download 
them, which may have muddied the waters a little.  I think those may have 
had to do with updates to bidi and/or fontspec since July.

In this file, if I include 'hypertex' driver in the hyperref setup options, 
I get an error (not surprising).  On my city computer, I can hit ENTER and 
move through the error and get a PDF, while upstate I could not do that.  I 
can also use 'xetex' or omit the driver option; if I did those things 
upstate, I got the error messages I sent to the list earlier.

Hope this helps -- David

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> On further reflection, even confirming that the "not-updated" case 
> compiles correctly would be helpful. (As it would indicate approximately 
> when the error appeared.) Can you prepare the same minimal example on your 
> current setup?
> Thanks,
> Will
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