[XeTeX] How could xetex find texlive fonts on a mac?

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Mon Oct 4 10:13:43 CEST 2010

  Le 04/10/2010 06:25, 德柳 邓 a écrit :
> I'am a newer for texlive . I have installed texlive 2010 
> universal-darwin under command line for mac (not Mactex).
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1. I tried to compile
> $ xetex opentype-info.tex
> Then i got a error :
> This is XeTeX, Version 3.1415926-2.2-0.9997.4 (TeX Live 2010)
>  restricted \write18 enabled.
> entering extended mode
> (/Users/dang/Applications/texlivee/2010/texmf-dist/tex/xetex/xetexfontinfo/opent
> ype-info.texkpathsea: Invalid fontname `Latin Modern Roman/ICU', 
> contains ' '
> ! Font \testfont="Latin Modern Roman/ICU" at 12.0pt not loadable: 
> Metric (TFM)
> file or installed font not found.
> l.26 \font\testfont="\myfontname/ICU" at 12pt
> ?

XeTeX is telling you he can't find the font. You don't have it on your 
computer, because it should be installed. Try to download the ``lm'' 
package with TeXLive manager (tlmgr).

> Following the second given advice  I found on the texlive-en.pdf :
> (If you do not have sufficient privileges to carry out the steps 
> above, you can instead do the following to make the TEX Live fonts 
> available to you as an individual XeTEX user)
> $ cp ./texlive-fontconfig.conf  /Users/dang/.fonts.conf
> $ fc-cache -fv
> I then ran xetex again but i got the same error. how can i do then ?
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 2.   I tried latex pain.tex
> i got some  error :
> (/Users/dang/Applications/texlivee/2010/texmf/tex/generic/hyphen/hyphen.tex
> ! Patterns can be loaded only by INITEX.
> l.5 \patterns
>              { % just type <return> if you're not using INITEX
> ?
> ***********************
> so are there anyting else should be configed ?
plain.tex (not ``pain.tex'', although some people will be pleased by 
your typo :) ) is the source code for a format; it is not supposed  to 
be compiled by itself (it's not a document).

TeXLive is correctly configured, but you should try to run your own 
documents. My question is: you're new to TeXLive, but are you new to 
TeX? In which case you should read a proper introduction, either to 
plain TeX:

[+ find a copy of the TeXbook]

or to LaTeX (choose your language!):


or to ConTeXt:


You can't use TeX without some learning before, unless you're willing to 
spend many sleepless nights on it (which you'll do anyway).

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