[XeTeX] Problem changing default fonts

Drébon drebon at crans.org
Sat Oct 2 17:02:16 CEST 2010


    Thank you a lot every one there.

   I finally found the mistake (if I did'nt post the problematic file it 
was because it is a 700 line sty file I had written for use with pdftex)

    It was the use of a \renewcommand*\sfdefault{ugq} somewhere...

    The strange thing (to me) is that when I was not using xltxtra (and 
thus when I was still using package helvet) compilation with xelatex was 
working very nice except that œ character not taken by latex (i.e. cœur 
gave the word cur).

   Now, I am just searching for a replacement police for helvet that 
support smallcaps (and to understand what was I intending to do with the 
problematic \renewcommand*\sfdefault{ugq})

     Thank you again, your help was efficient.

Best regards,


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