[XeTeX] accent circumflex with unicode-math

Tobias Schoel liesdiedatei at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 22 20:52:06 CET 2010


thx to everyone. It works with the the workaround by Khaled and the font 
patch from Apostolos.

One little, small remark (*crouch*): the accent isn't horizontally 
centered with the respect to the top border of the u but with the 
respect to its base. (See attachment.)

I'm not keen enough to patch the sources. I haven't even worked with luatex.

But I would really want to have this behaviour as standard.



Am 22.11.2010 19:31, schrieb Apostolos Syropoulos:
> Hello,
> I have added the accent circumflex to Asana-Math
> and people interested to test the new version of the
> font can download it form
> http://openfontlibrary.org/files/asyropoulos/334
> A.S.
> ----------------------
> Apostolos Syropoulos
> Xanthi, Greece
> --------------------------------------------------
> Subscriptions, Archive, and List information, etc.:
>    http://tug.org/mailman/listinfo/xetex
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