[XeTeX] Hyphenated, transliterated Sanskrit.

BPJ bpj at melroch.se
Mon Nov 22 19:11:43 CET 2010

2010-11-22 18:24, Dominik Wujastyk skrev:
> Those who write both transliterated Hindi and Sanskrit in the
> same publication will be glad of the ISO standard, I suppose.

You have the problem in transliterated Hindi on its own, since
both graphemes occur there.  In fact they are in complementary
distribution, and in a way which would be easy to automatize,
but being different graphemes they should be transliterated
differently.  Retransliteration shouldn't require linguistic

> Typical standard's work: result of a committee that has a
> certain limited logic to it, but pays not enough attention to
> usage amongst professional groups, and consequently leaves
> nobody actually happy.

Agreed.  I'm definitely not a friend of standards for
standards' sake, but that applies to century-old standards
founded by people not considering modern languages too!
Of course you _can_ use different transliterations for Sanskrit 
and Hindi, but IMHO transliteration should be by script and not
by language. But let's be thankful nobody came up with d̤ for ड़
since IPA uses d̤ for ध!


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