[XeTeX] Hyphenated, transliterated Sanskrit.

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Mon Nov 22 15:25:15 CET 2010


> I'll also add the missing characters, ṁ, ẖ, ḫ and the sign for anudātta (I think that's all, as far as Sanskrit is concerned).

  I'll wait for your update :-)

> Arthur and Mojca are better qualified than I to answer those questions. What comes to mind is that such a "total" hyphenation file might rapidly become difficult to maintain, all the more so as it would require several maintainers.

  That's indeed another point, maybe even more important.  As Mojca
mentioned, all the patterns for Modern Indic scripts come from
OpenOffice, and are in fact written by a single person.  I believe it is
really better if we can keep them in sync with OpenOffice, and reflect
modifications that would be made there; and they need to have different
files anyway.

> Besides, some languages might require special rules, exceptions for instance, which could be unwanted in another language using the same script.


> Arthur and Mojca, what do you think?

  It's a waste of time.


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