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I want to keep all the \label{x.x.x} things in one TeX file and want to load
and run but do not want it to print to the PDF file.

Once I load the file then I can use \nameref to call a particular item.

Thanks for your help


\documentclass[fleqn,12pt,a4paper]{article} % normal













\usepackage{amstext, amsmath}



\section{Enter you equation here 8.1.1} \label{8.1.1}

\section{Enter new equation Here 6.1.85} \label{8.1.2}

$ \mbox{Roots}\xrightarrow{\mbox {\scriptsize{\nameref{8.1.1}}}}
\mbox{Intermediate form} \xrightarrow{\mbox {\scriptsize{\nameref{8.1.2}}}}
\mbox{Final word} $ \\

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