[XeTeX] Build error on Linux / Fedora 14

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Nov 21 00:48:04 CET 2010

Am 20.11.2010 um 23:29 schrieb Petr Tomasek:

> Is there anything that can be done?

Define these variable types in some C header file!

You can look into Fedora 14's installed C header files and check  
whether such type names are used there.

"char16_t" obviously is a 16 bit signed "wide" character type and  
"UChar" obviously is a 16 bit unsigned "wide" character type.

When you add "-H" to CFLAGS (for C compiler) and CXXFLAGS (for C++  
compiler) you can watch which header files are used by ICU (a part of  
XeTeX). Maybe there is some local file, created by configure, which  
you can patch accordingly.

libs/icu/icu-<version number>/common/unicode/umachine.h has the  
typedef's. It includes stddef.h which has (should have) wchar_t.  
Otherwise uint16_t can be used.



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