[XeTeX] ligatures in (plain) XeTeX

Jean-Claude Raoult JC.Raoult at free.fr
Sat Nov 20 12:07:19 CET 2010


My problem : getting ligatures with (plain) XeTeX, the engine being pdfTeX with TeXShop.
I am using XeTeX on a iMac under OS X leopard, with a french keyboard (since I am french).
The coding used is UTF-8.
A few tests with my preferred fonts (sorry, I am very traditional):
Apple Garamond (very similar to Monotype Garamond), Baskerville and Hoefler Text :

The ligatures -- and --- will work neither with Apple Garamond, nor Baskerville, nor HoeflerText.
The ligatures fi, fl and ff will work with Hoefler Text, fi and fl with Baskerville, none with Apple Garamond.

However, the ligatures --- (—), fi (fi) and fl (fl) exist on the keyboard as <alt> -, <alt> g and <alt><shift>G.
If they are typed as such, XeTeX does translate them into the proper ligatures.
Therefore, they exist in Apple Garamond… and what about st and ct ?

I am not fond of diving into metafont. Would anybody know how to get them without butchering into
XeTeX tables ?

				Jean-Claude Raoult

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