[XeTeX] Font variant selection in Fontspec/Mathspec options incomplete

Christian Schmidt c.schmidt at dlgs.ioer.de
Thu Nov 11 18:48:37 CET 2010

Hi Will,

Thanks for this hint. I updated to this last fontspec version (2.1d) and  
now it brings no error message anymore and bold italic is set correctly in  
ordinary text...

Though, this leads me to the additional note, that in math mode---which is  
typically set in italics---, the use of \mathbf{x} does not produce a bold  
italic variant but rather only a bold upright variant of x in this case.
If I use the \pmb{x} or \bm{x} commands instead for instance, XeLaTeX  
produces a bold italic looking variant of the letter x. In closer  
inspection, however, the bold italic x is nothing else than a normal  
italic x superimposed on another one with a slight offset...

Is there a way to use the regular \mathbf{...} command to have bold italic  


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