[XeTeX] IPA superscript diacritics

Kevin Russell Kevin_Russell at umanitoba.ca
Wed Nov 10 03:23:19 CET 2010

I've been using Acrobat 9.4 for Mac and Reader 9.1.2 for Mac (probably a 
higher point-version of Reader on my office computer).

It seems to be a Mac thing rather an age thing.  I just dug out an old 
XP laptop with Acrobat Reader *8*, and it behaved like you and Philip 

Fortunately, our blind students are using Windows.  I know for sure one 
uses JAWS as his screenreader, and I suspect the others probably do as 
well.  JAWS can be set up to deal with various Unicode characters 
however they want (e.g., by reading out the Unicode character name), so 
as long as the right characters are in the PDF, things should work.   
Their problems with reading my PDF files came from *really* botched 
tagging (post-XeLaTeX) -- I was incorrectly assuming that the magical 
ASCII-translation problems I got on my Macs were a subset of the 
problems they were getting.

Even though Reader works correctly under Windows, I don't suppose 
there's any chance that the "accessibility" tools in the Windows version 
of Acrobat are any better than the buggy, incoherent morass of 
unuseability that exists in the Mac version of CS4.  :-(

Thanks everyone for helping me narrow down where this particular problem 

-- Kevin

> Hi Phil, Kevin and others,
> On 07/11/2010, at 10:30 AM, Philip Taylor (Webmaster, Ret'd) wrote:
> >/  I can't reproduce the problem here.  I processed your
> />/  source file using XeLaTeX, opened the resulting PDF
> />/  in Adobe Acrobat Reader 9, copied the entire text,
> />/  pasted it into WordPad, selected each superscript
> />/  in turn, and used each in a Ctrl-F "Find" dialogue :
> />/  only the superscript was found in each case, not
> />/  the similar-looking normal character.
> /
> Similarly there's no problem with Adobe Reader 10
> nor Acrobat Pro 10.
> So Kevin, what versions of Reader were you using?
> Similarly, what screen-reading software are you using?
> How old is it?
> As for screen reading, when I use "Read Out Loud" on the
> (Kevin's) example PDF, the superscripted IPA characters
> are just not read at all. Presumably they need to be tagged
> with an /Alt replacement text for Reader to know what to say.
> What would you like to hear for these?
> Hope this helps,
> 	Ross

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