[XeTeX] How to specify a strict leading space with XeTeX/fontspec and Memoir class?

stefano franchi stefano.franchi at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 22:03:47 CET 2010

I am just switching from Latex to XeLatex, and I cannot quite understand how
to force it to use a specific interline spacing (i.e. "leading") in certain
More precisely:
I am using the memoir class, with a rather heavy customization.
At publisher demand,  I need to have all chapter titles, chapter numbers,
etc, in Times (or equivalent) at exactly 15pt  with  18pt leading
The fontsize command did the trick in memoir using Latex:


But I do not understand how to replicate the same behavior in XeLatex.

I can create a 15 pt Times-like  font command with

 \font\VIBSChapterTitleFont="TeX Gyre Termes:letterspace=3" at 15pt

and then set the chapter title font command to it:


But how can I control the leading space? I tried using the leading package,
but it produced  very strange results (it changed the font size).

Sorry if I sound confused. I really am.

All help appreciated.


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