[XeTeX] hyphenation in Ethiopian languages

Yves Codet yves.codet at sfr.fr
Fri Nov 5 09:57:19 CET 2010


Le 4 nov. 2010 à 21:04, Mojca Miklavec a écrit :

> The problem of colons that may not start a new line has to be solved
> on a different level. You could write like that:
> እስመ~፡ አግዚአብሔር~፡ አምላክ~፡ ማእምር~፡ ውእቱ~። እግዚአብሔር~፡ አስተደወ~፡ መንብሮ~። ወአድከመ~፡
> ቅሥተ~፡ ኀያላን~። ወአቅነቶሙ~፡ ኀይለ~፡ ለድኩማን~። ጽጉማን~፡ እክል~፡ ርኅቡ~። ወርኁባን~፡ ጸግቡ~።
> እስመ~፡ መካን~፡ ወለደት~፡ ሰብዐተ~፡ ወወለድሰ~፡ ስእነት~፡ ወሊደ~፡ እግዚአብሔር~፡ ይቀትል~፡ ወየሐዩ~።
> ያወርድኒ~፡ ውስተ~፡ ሲእል~፡ ወየዐርግ~። እግዚአብሔር~፡ ያነዲ~፡ ወያብዕል~። ያኀስርሂ~፡ ወያከብር~፡
> ዘያነሥኦ~፡ እምድር~፡ ለነዳይ~። ከመ~፡ ያንብሮ~፡ ምስለ~፡ ዓበይ[ተ]~።
> This works perfectly fine, but you probably don't want to write like
> that. I leave it up to others to solve that problem. The hyphenchar
> can easily be changed to "nothing" though.

Can't this be treated as double punctuations in French? To get "እስመ ፡" you type "እስመ፡" and polyglossia adds a kerning before the word divider, except when the preceding character is itself a word divider.



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