[XeTeX] Unicode hyphens etc. and Xe(La)TeX

BPJ bpj at melroch.se
Tue Nov 2 19:52:01 CET 2010

2010-11-01 13:53, Roland Kuhn skrev:
> Generally, I recommend using the correct unicode characters in
> the TeX source and then define the behavior you want for them.

Yup, that's kind of the idea!

> In this case, this is fairly straight-forward:

Yes. Since I didn't know about discretionaries I looked up the
description of \discretionary at


But I ended up replacing Unicode characters with commands anyway.
That the various Unicode hyphens don't look different in the
TeXWorks editor is a real problem. The perl oneliners

perl -pe's/(?<=\pL)\x{2011}(?=\pL)/\\\x{2013}/g'
perl -pe's/(?<=\pL)\x{2027}(?=\pL)/\\\x{b7}/g'

and defining

\def\–{\hbox{-}}                 % \<en dash> = nobreak hyphen
\def\·{·\discretionary{}{}{}}    % Middle dot

pretty much did the trick.  Thanks!


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