[XeTeX] Fwd: xetex, itrans and telugu

Kattamuri Ekanadham eknath2k at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 01:33:49 CEST 2010

On Thu, 25 Mar 2010 Shrisha Rao wrote:

>I think you have changed the output script but not the mapping used.
>This was coded for Kannada, not for Devanagari.  The change required for
>proper Devanagari is only a minor one -- see attached.

Thank you. I corrected my mistake and it works well now.
Thank you also, for the other info you gave on .map, .tec files.
I am working on the translation.

I have one more question:
Is there a simple way to find the name of a font from the .ttf file?

For instance, I have a valid Pothana.ttf font downloaded (onto MAC) which
works well.  I am trying to use your paradigm and say


However, it complains that

Package fontspec Warning:

    Font "Pothana/ICU" does not contain script 'Telugu'

This warning occured on input line 17.

I am assuming that the Script parameter requires the exact name of the font
in the font file -- right??

I believe that the font in Pothana.ttf is called Telugu -- but how do I find
that out?

Thanks for your help.
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