[XeTeX] Draftwatermark and pdfpages

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Tue Mar 23 23:10:28 CET 2010

Hi David,

On 24/03/2010, at 8:21 AM, David Cottenden wrote:

> Peter Dyballa wrote:
>> Am 23.03.2010 um 18:39 schrieb David Cottenden:
>>> Does anyone know why this happens, and whether there's anything  
>>> that I can do about it?
>> Leaving the package away? Thinking it over? (Why is something  
>> "external" which is added to, say, a DRAFT version not DRAFT?)  
>> Asking the author whether it works to tell the package to start at  
>> page #X? Or asking for such an extension?
> Ah - sorry - I think that my explanation was lacking. It's not that  
> I don't want the page to display the draft watermark, but rather  
> that I want the watermark to appear /behind/ the imported page  
> rather than in front of it, obscuring the imported text - drafts  
> are hard to improve if you can't read them!
> As it happens, the draftwatermark package is (according to its  
> documentation) incapable of recognising any distinction between  
> pages other than "first page " and "not first page" - a limitation  
> it inherits from the package that it is built on.
> I will have a look at Andreas's suggestion and see if it serves the  
> purpose...

It certainly should, since  eso-pic  places pictures
as background, not foreground.
The normal page content goes over the top of this.

Though as  pdfpages  is also using eso-pic to place its imported
pages, then you have to make sure that you place the watermark
before importing content.

For this you should be able to use pdfpage's  "pagecommand={...}" option
to  \includepdf etc. to  \ClearShipoutPicture  or \AddToShipoutPicture
as appropriate to get the effect that you want.

However, I'm not sure whether the content comes in with an
opaque or transparent background  (hopefully transparent).

If it is opaque, then you could try to use, as a watermark,
an image with opaque background and transparent text.
An opacity of, say, 20% (maybe less) should give a good effect
which allows full reading without too much distraction.

There are many graphics tools that would let you make
such an image to be imported as a watermark.

> Watch this space...
> David

Hope this helps,


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