[XeTeX] Draftwatermark and pdfpages

Andreas Matthias andreas.matthias at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 20:14:36 CET 2010

David Cottenden wrote:

> I'm having a problem that I have had before but ignored - now I can't let
> it go any more! Simple to describe: if I am using draftwatermark to print a
> draft message across the page and then use pdfpages to drop a page from
> something else into the document, the watermark is placed over the top of
> the imported page.

First come, first served. It's always a problem if several
packages try to alter the output routine at once.
> Does anyone know why this happens, and whether there's anything that I can
> do about it?

Since pdfpages depends on eso-pic I would recommend to use
the tools that eso-pic provides to add a watermark:

          \color[gray]{.8}\normalfont Draft}}}}}


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