[XeTeX] xetex, itrans and telugu

Shrisha Rao shrao at nyx.net
Tue Mar 23 12:29:46 CET 2010

El mar 21, 2010, a las 11:19 p.m., Sam Putman escribió:

> On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 8:47 PM, Kattamuri Ekanadham <eknath2k at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Does any one know of software that I can download onto a MAC, which can
>> translate ITRANS into Telugu fonts using xelatex? I will appreciate any
>> pointers or examples. Thanks.
> This is a website that does what you want:
> http://vikku.info/indian-language-unicode-converter/telugu-unicode-converter.html
> The output of this is Unicode, and should work correctly in XeTeX.

I think that would be a two-step process; first to convert the ITRANS coding into Unicode, and then paste the Unicode into a Xe(La)TeX document.

There is a fontspec mapping package xetex-itrans that you may like to look at instead:


This currently only works with Devanagari and Kannada scripts; if someone can add Telugu or other scripts, we will be happy to include them.  Note that this allows one to insert the ITRANS code into a XeLaTeX document directly.


Shrisha Rao

> -Sam Putman.

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