[XeTeX] EuroTeX 2009 proceedings

Gildas Hamel gweltaz at ucsc.edu
Sat Mar 20 01:35:21 CET 2010

* Peter Baker (psb6m at virginia.edu) wrote:
  |>  Peter Dyballa wrote:
  |>  >
  |>  >Am 20.03.2010 um 00:13 schrieb David Perry:
  |>  >
  |>  >>When I started learning TeX, I could find only one editor,
  |>  >>TeXworks, that was Unicode-aware.  And that is still the
  |>  >>case, although I see that TeXnicCenter has now rolled out an
  |>  >>alpha version of a new, Unicode-based edition of their
  |>  >>software.
  |>  >
  |>  >
  |>  >For some longer period GNU Emacs exists.
  |>  >
  |>  Emacs hasn't been Unicode-aware for a whole long time; but there
  |>  are other editors that. like Emacs (now), are not specifically
  |>  for TeX, but aware of both TeX and Unicode--Gedit for
  |>  Gnome/Linux comes to mind. Perhaps others could share their
  |>  favorite (Xe)(La)TeX editors.
  |>  Another Peter

I use TextMate because of the color coding in (Xe)LaTeX and because I like a couple of its other bundles, but often go back to TeXShop (2.33) for two reasons: syncing between source and pdf is much easier than in TextMate, and Hebrew and Greek look very good in the source now (they don't in TextMate).
-- gildas

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