[XeTeX] Linux Libertine & diacritic stacking

Arash Zeini arash.zeini at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 02:11:46 CET 2010

On Saturday 13 March 2010, Joshua and Amy wrote:
> The developer of the Linux Libertine font package is probably going to add
> diacritic-stacking to the font's capabilities (mark-to-mark positioning?).
> I've asked for circumflex + breve. Are there other diacritics that
>  potential users of Libertine are wanting to stack? If so, I'd be happy to
>  pass that along.
> Josh Jensen
> UT Arlington, Linguistics & TESOL

Thanks for posting this. I use Linux Libertine and have been in touch with the 
developer as well. A while ago I filed a feature request on the project's 
sourceforge site. I need the mark-to-mark feature for macron, ring above, 
caron, grave and acute accents. 


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