[XeTeX] euenc package -- tex\xelatex\euenc\eu1ence.def problem

sjo sjo222 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 21:06:56 CET 2010

I am using miktex 2.8 under Win7 to run xelatex on a file. I get a
complaint from the miktex package installer that the file


is missing. The file is there but under the latex directory rather
than under xelatex.

When I give permission to install, the manager comes back later with
the same message repeatedly. Changing the internet ctan site does not

I have also manually copied the euenc folder under latex to the
xelatex position. This does not help either.

This file does correctly work under xelatex/miktex on a different machine.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Jon

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