[XeTeX] [tex-live] SmallCaps and Memoir pagestyle issue

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And I was wondering why even \let\memUChead\MakeLowercase refused to work just to notice it's Polyglossia who "switches it off" :) Thanks for this info, nolocalmarks did the trick.

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Lars Madsen wrote:

> if thes works in the past I'd see it as a fluke of nature. As far as I know we did not change anything in relation to the headers
> But this works
> \let\memUChead\MakeLowercase
> \pagestyle{test}
> the lower casing does not belong in the headers, it should go into the \sectionmark macros (which is where \memUChead lives)
> please post memoir problems on comp.text.tex, the tex live list if for the distribution as a whole not problems with single units 

This is interesting ... using \let\memUChead\MakeLowercase works, of course. But if I use the ruled page style *without* your patch, I can get the result correctly with the [nolocalmarks] option in polyglossia (i.e., in XeLaTeX). Without the nolocalmarks, what I get is lowercase without small caps!

In pdfLaTeX, the ruled page style works, too ... but not this one called test! I.e., there are all caps, not small caps.

So, it seems to be curious whatever the engine.

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