[XeTeX] Small caps

Gérard Degrez gdegrez at ulb.ac.be
Thu Mar 4 18:29:38 CET 2010

> > Hello,
> >
> > I've just begun experimenting with Xetex on MacOS. Everything works
> > fine, except that I can't get small caps with some of the System  
> fonts > such as Arial and Times New Roman. On the other hand, I do  
> get the
>  > small caps with Hoefler Text or with the TeX Gyre fonts.
> > I guess that the reason is that the system fonts do not include  
> small
>  > caps. Can you confirm?
> Yes, that's it. And XeTeX doesn't do fake small caps.
> > Then, the question is: how can I know beforehand?
> > I browsed the list archive and found the thread [XeTeX] problem
>  > getting small caps dating back to Nov. 2009 and I tried some of the
>  > suggestions (the otfinfo command, and the tex file by Herb  
> Schultz),
>  > but this wasn't conclusive.
>  Run otfinfo --features font-file. If smcp and/or c2sc is in the  
> list, then the font has small caps. Peter
That works nicely on ttf files such as Arial.ttf and otf files such as  
But not on "Hoefler Text.dfont" for which it gives the error message
otfinfo: Hoefler Text.dfont: not an OpenType font (bad magic number)
Is there any way to get the info for fonts of .dfont type?

In any event, I got the information I was looking for. Thanks again.


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