[XeTeX] Small caps

Gérard Degrez gdegrez at ulb.ac.be
Wed Mar 3 15:50:46 CET 2010


I've just begun experimenting with Xetex on MacOS. Everything works  
fine, except that I can't get small caps with some of the System fonts  
such as Arial and Times New Roman. On the other hand, I do get the  
small caps with Hoefler Text or with the TeX Gyre fonts.
I guess that the reason is that the system fonts do not include small  
caps. Can you confirm?
Then, the question is: how can I know beforehand?
I browsed the list archive and found the thread [XeTeX] problem  
getting small caps dating back to Nov. 2009 and I tried some of the  
suggestions (the otfinfo command, and the tex file by Herb Schultz),  
but this wasn't conclusive.



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