[XeTeX] escaping the pipe

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There are the tex-commands "\lbrace" and "\rbrace" for problems like 

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> This has to be simple, but nothing I've tried works, and I can't seem to
> find any ideas on-line...
> I want to output something like
>    a {b|c} d
> from XeLaTeX.  I've managed to get part way there by escaping the curly
> braces in the input, but I can't figure out how to escape the pipe
> character.  That is, if I try
>    a \{a|b\} d
> (i.e. without escaping the pipe), then the pipe overwrites the 'a' to its
> left.  Or if I try
>    a \{a\|b\} d
> then XeLaTeX apparently tries to interpret the pipe character as a
> command, which of course it doesn't know how to do.  I even tried
>    a \{a\\|b\} d
> in which case the pipe looks right, but I get a newline immediately after:
>    a {b|
> c} d
> I don't think it matters, but this is inside a \begin{alltt} environment.
> Surely there's an easy way to do this?
>    Mike Maxwell
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