[XeTeX] XETEX and Lilypond

Raphael Frey freyraphael at lavabit.com
Mon Mar 1 14:05:05 CET 2010

Am Montag, den 01.03.2010, 11:25 +0100 schrieb Peter Dyballa:

> You're using an old version of fontspec (and xetex and Lilypond and  
> TeX Live)... 'texdoc fontspec' on the command line and you'll see the  
> documentation and all allowed options.
> It might be easier to upgrade to TeX Live 2009.

I’m not so sure if this is a good idea because I’m running TEX Live 2007
under Debian stable … Upgrading to a newer version of TEX Live through
third repositories will probably make the whole system unusable. It also
seems that TEX Live 2009 is not included in Debian backports. Do you
know if there exists an alternative for no-math that can be used with
elder versions of fontspec? (The version of fontspec installed on my
system is 1.13.) What exactly is the purpose of no-math?

Best regards

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