[XeTeX] internationalization bug in the selection of smart font features

j_mach_wust at shared-files.de j_mach_wust at shared-files.de
Mon Jun 14 18:51:49 CEST 2010

In XeTeX, you can select a smart feature by using the package  
fontspec, for instance like this:

\font\hoeflerengraved="Hoefler Text/AAT:Style Options=Engraved Text"

Here, 'Style Options' is the name of a feature, and 'Engraved Text' is  
its setting.

In the attachment, there is small test font, abcd-to-aBCd. It has one  
smart font feature. The name of the feature is 'Veränderung'. If you  
choose the setting 'aBCd' of this feature, then the string "abcd" will  
be converted into "aBCD" (if you wonder why anybody should want a font  
that converts "abcd" into "aBCd", it is only because the FontForge  
documentation claims this is not possible: http://fontforge.sourceforge.net/gposgsub.html#not-converted 

This works perfectly fine in applications such as TextEdit (see the  
PNG for a screenshot). Only in XeTeX, a selection of the feature  
'Veränderung' is impossible. When I try to select the feature for  
XeTeX, it will be ignored:


I believe this is an internationalization issue. The feature name  
'Veränderung' has a sign that is not in ASCII. When I would change the  
features name to be 'Veraenderung', then it would be selectable in  
XeTeX as well.

I don't know whether this is a bug of XeTeX or of fontspec.


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