[XeTeX] [unimath] Unicode-math strange results

Khaled Hosny khaledhosny at eglug.org
Mon Jun 7 07:04:23 CEST 2010

On Sun, Jun 06, 2010 at 11:19:41PM +0200, Ulrik Vieth wrote:
> On 06/06/2010 11:05 PM, Khaled Hosny wrote:
> >>This usually means the value of RadicalRuleThikness is ignored and the
> >>engine is falling back to the old TeX method (the hight of radical
> >>glyph).
> Yes, but why?  It doesn't seem to be font-dependent.
> It also happens if I replace Cambria Math by XITS Math.
> Could this be an architecture / library-dependent? (Linux, 64 bit)

I don't think so, it is likely a macro package issue, but we need to do
more bare bone testing (no luaotfload, no fontspec or unicode-math).


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