[XeTeX] XITS Math font - first beata

wodzicki at math.berkeley.edu wodzicki at math.berkeley.edu
Sun Jun 6 05:05:54 CEST 2010

> On 06/05/2010 04:18 AM, Will Robertson wrote:
>> If you ask me, I can add this as an option somewhere in the package.
>> (I've seen old-style figures in maths in examples before, but never "in
>> the wild".)
> I have, in A. N. Whitehead’s “An Introduction to Mathematics”; search
> for the text “other functions of the argument” in the Amazon.com listing
> at <http://amazon.com/dp/0195002113> for an example (on page 108).
> —Joel

If I can trust my own memories, I saw (and admired) Old Style figures in
Math formulae in articles published in Transactions of Royal Society.
So, yes, adding Old Style figures option to unicode-math is certainly
worth doing.


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