[XeTeX] pstricks and dvi output in xelatex

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Sat Jul 31 05:49:03 CEST 2010

Hello George and Alan,

On 31/07/2010, at 11:29 AM, George wrote:

>>> pdf. Anyway, this is not the difference I referred to initially. You can
>>> see
>>> another diffierence; on xelatex.pdf the text is no longer in the middle of
>>> the
>>> arrow.

Well, I'd say that yes it *is* in the middle of the arrow.

It doesn't look that way because only the initial 'I' is 
a full-height capital letter.
The arrow centres squarely on this.
Since every other letter is lowercase, it looks like the
arrow is too high, compared with the text; whereas actually
it is centred well on the bounding box of the complete word.

You are going to have to decide exactly how you want the word
positioned. If you \smash the height of the 'I' then you will
still have the same kind of problem with the 't' and 'i', but
to a lesser extent.

If you just want to fiddle until it "looks right", use
  \raise 1.5pt\hbox{Instructions}
and try various values instead of 1.5pt .

Or you could use something like
    \hbox{\vbox to 1ex{\vss Instructions}}
to impose a fixed height.

>> Ah, sorry, I see that now.  It wasn't apparent at first glance at the
>> magnification I was viewing at.
>> Perhaps this is better posted to comp.text.tex where more pstricks people
>> hang out?
> I will crosspost my message with the code to the pstricks mailing list.

They may tell you other ways of doing it, which ultimately expand
to the same kind of TeX coding.

Hope this helps,


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