[XeTeX] xunicode and TIPA

Andy Lin kiryen at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 19:58:59 CEST 2010

I've actually made a teckit mapping for TIPA before. But this was just
for the A-Z, 0-9 mappings. It didn't include any of the commands
involving a backslash. What you could do is to change the definitions
of \|, etc. to different, safe/non-TIPA characters/strings (e.g. $|
for \|, and $; for \;), and then the teckit mapping would be able to
catch them.

A problem you might run into is the handling of the small caps
characters. Fonts like Charis SIL have the glyphs at the proper
Unicode addresses (and they're actually different from the small caps
you get if you use the OpenType small caps feature), but for other
fonts, you may need to fake them. I think there's a way to check the
presence of a glyph in a font, and from there choose the appropriate
behaviour, but this will also require support from outside the teckit


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