[XeTeX] polyglossia Greek & Hebrew not working

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Mon Jul 26 22:51:10 CEST 2010

  On 24/07/2010 18:13, David Perry wrote:
> Can anyone see what's wrong with the following minimal example?  (A bit long, I know, 
> but I trimmed it as much as I could.) It's probably something silly but I just can't see 
> it.  I get all kinds of "undefined control sequences" and so forth when I compile.  The 
> attic numerals also don't work.

I have already contacted David off-list, but for the benefit of others, I have found out 
that the problem occurs with the current MikTeX, which ships fontspec 2.0 together with 
the "old" polyglossia v1.1.1, which is not compatible with fontspec's new API. Polyglossia 
v1.2.0 which was released earlier this month, is fully compatible with fontspec 2.0. 
MikTeX users who can't wait thus need to manually update to the latest version of polyglossia.

The other problem with the Attic numerals is now fixed in the development version on github.


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