[XeTeX] Pipes in XeTeX

Florian Gilcher flo at andersground.net
Mon Jul 26 16:37:02 CEST 2010


I really like the following feature of pdftex and others for development purposes: 

  \input{|"darcs changes -s"} % print a detailed log of changes

and include that into my document as a "running log" for other reviewers. 

Sure, it requires --shell-escape and --enable-write18, but thats just fine in my environment.

xelatex does not seem to understand this line and prints "! LaTeX Error: File `|"darcs changes -s".tex'" instead. Is there any way of making xelatex to behave like pdflatex in that respect? Or at least another, convenient way to do this? Sure, I could use \write18 and read the results back in, but that always makes me cringe.

Florian Gilcher

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